Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dogs Galore in Art & Life

This is our new Havanese puppy. We adopted him a few months ago, named him Dylan, and now of course, he is running the show. Dylan turned 1 year old at the end of June. I love taking him for walks in the morning, even though the summer heat is upon us. Dylan has a jaunty walk and a loving personality. We have enrolled in some dog obedience sessions at Petco and the trainer thinks Dylan is quite the brainy boy. He catches on quickly, especially when treats are involved. Now if only we could correctly apply all the commands we have learned at the appropriate times.
The biggest bugaboo about the dog is that he and the cat (Molly) have not yet made peace with each other. The dog just wants to play with the cat, but the cat hisses and sticks out her claws. Molly lives in fear of the dog and keeps high on the furniture. Yes, it's all a bit much, but my husband Tom really wanted a dog, so it makes me happy his wish has been granted before we get too much older. On Tom's side of the family, everyone owns dogs. When we all get together, as we did on the 4th of July, there are dogs galore, running around everywhere. Meeting this canine gang made Dylan giddy with delight. And when we put Dylan in the swimming pool, what do you know -- his doggy paddle was perfect! Dogs are a lot of work, but they steal your heart and so the deal is done.
This cloth and paper collage is one in a series I created in February. I think the poochie here resembles Dylan, although he has more white fur. So it is interesting that Dylan appeared a few months later. This collage and the one below were my entries in this year's show at the Jung Center. I called them Poochie Woochie 1 and 2. And guess what? Poochie Woochie 2 shown below sold to a couple from Mexico. My strategy in this series was to keeping it simple. Collage can easily get overly cluttered.

There have been a bunch of good things happening in my life as an artist. First was the use of one of my collages on the Jung Center Summer catalog. Then I entered a winter holiday greeting card into a Reader's Challenge at Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine and made the cut as a finalist, so usually when that happens, your image appears in the magazine. So I look forward to that winter issue and will keep my fingers crossed. Then learning I sold a piece at the Jung Center show was wonderful. I did not get in the Archway juried show this summer. Never mind, I have been in it twice before. There is always a mix of rejection and acceptance in any artist's life.
This second life as an artist after a career in librarianship is invigorating. Yet I constantly battle with work/life balance. DIY home and yard maintenance take way too much of my time. Other diversions such as yoga, women's circles, church groups, book group, travel, etc. also interfere with my artistic intentions. I am also taking a few art classes here and there. I am bushwhacking my way into digital collage by learning GIMP, a time-consuming process. On a good day I get to work on my art for 4 or 5 hours, but often that is not the case. Life is too short! On that note, back to the drawing board...

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