Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Painting the Garage Floor -- a Work in Progress

It is not easy to paint like Jackson Pollack! That is what I have learned fooling with paint effects on our garage floor. We painted it a plain gray using concrete paint last year shortly after the builders left. But that gray paint started chipping even after 3 rolled coats. Also, the light gray showed every speck of dirt and I found myself wanting to sweep far too often. When you have a new building, it is only natural to want to keep it looking new... Anyway, I decided to spatter paint the floor so it would not show dirt and imperfections so much.

At first I followed techniques picked up from YouTube and other online sources. I learned you were supposed to start with dark colors and then work your way up to lighter colors. The main technique seemed to be loading up a paint brush and then smacking the brush with a stout stick. That did not always produce the effects I had in mind. So I just started flinging the paint  and that helped a bit, but sometimes I had to wipe up unsightly big blobs. Flinging works best with slightly thinned paint, but could be unpredictable. After working my way through four colors (one a day and then letting it dry), I was not happy with the way the floor looked. So I dug into my printmaking tools and came up with three simple "tools" that really made a difference once I got to the white paint stage: a foam brayer with small dots, a piece of wadded up netting and some bubble wrap. Using these three inexpensive tools made all the difference. The floor started to look more unified. I am not done yet, but finally feel like I am making good progress. I want to add a bit more aquamarine. There is a much larger area of the garage floor yet to go and tackling that will be much easier now that I've got a handful of techniques together.

See here some other printmaking paraphernalia I might have used. But the three I chose seemed to be enough to get the job done.
And so it goes: every day a new adventure with paint and color, in both my DIY mode and art practice. More about recent artworks in my next post... February has flown by like nobody's business. We had a carport built last month, and once the garage floor is done and before the summer heat arrives, we intend to build a deck behind the garage as my potting area. Then we hope to be done with major DIY projects for awhile. Is there every really an end to such things? Probably not, but sometimes it is good to pretend so!

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