Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Collage Leftovers

In collage, as in dining, there are times I savor using leftovers and other times not. Post-Thanksgiving leftovers are fantastic. We are almost a week out from Turkey Day and I for one am not tired of eating those leftovers.
The collage process also produces leftovers. There are many times that I cut out images I think I am going to use that do not end up in the composition at hand. Well, I would not dream of throwing those pieces away. Into my various bins and boxes they go, often sorted by size or theme. These past few days, just for fun, I have challenged myself to make use of as many of those leftovers as possible. I was in the mood to work small and fast, so the compositions are tiny. I was also in the mood to work with mixed text elements and a limited color palette. Here are a few of my finished pieces...

Reset, Return, Shift

The winter holiday season has started! Where has the year gone? I have two arts and crafts sales coming up. So I am a busy bee and could barely find time to post here... Often, the easiset thing for me to do is post a few new artworks. So thanks for looking!
PS - What I am reading:
The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend: a Novel by Katarina Bivald
Upstream: Selected Essays by Mary Oliver
next up: American Gods by Neil Gaiman,
 the West University Library Book Club's December 2016 read

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