Saturday, September 24, 2016

An Interview with Molly Lundquist, Founder of

Recently I was delighted to be invited to review books for, a wonderful bookcentric site that specializes in Readers' Advisory for book clubs. In the past I have reviewed books for Library Journal and other book-related periodicals, but lately only wrote reviews here on my blog. Well, to make a long story short, Molly Lundquist is married to a fellow who I went to school with in Floral Park, NY, grades kindergarten through high school. Via Facebook, Molly read a few of my book review blog posts and found them worthy of presenting on her site. We have shared some delightful emails and I invited her to do a quick interview.

* How did LitLovers come into being? Was there a light bulb moment?

Yeah, there really was a "light bulb" moment. It came while teaching an online lit course. A couple of the students volunteered that it was the most "fun" online course they'd ever taken. So that flipped the switch. A few years back, I'd been a member of a book club and realized how tough it was to get to the meat of a book. We spent a fair amount of time talking about whether characters were nice, wondering why he was so mean to her, or why she lied to him. Not a whole lot of depth. So...after my students' comments, I thought WHY NOT create a website for book clubs---a quick introductory course to literature---a sort of a "how to read like a professor."

* Did you have technical help or did you have to figure out website wizardry on your own?
A little of both. First, I figured out how to build a prototype---I'm really lucky to have a resident computer-geek in the form of a husband. But then I hired a local marketing and webdesign firm, who took my clunky prototype to a whole new level. They were smart and creative, and we worked for months to figure out the bells and whistles. Over the past years, there's been some major restructuring, but at this point, I'm pretty much my own webmaster, inputting the content. It's a ton or work but fun---what's better than working around books? (Okay, maybe cat videos.)

* What has been the most satisfying and/or surprising aspect of creating LitLovers?

First, watching the site grow: we're up to over 3 million visitors a year---not in the stratosphere, but pretty darn respectable according to most measurements. That's been a surprise. Second, connecting with devoted readers: they email questions, suggest books, find typos (actually making the time & effort to let me know), send in their own Discussion Questions---and often just say "thanks" for being here. Third, LitLovers Featured Book Clubs: groups from all over the U.S, and the world, send in their stories and photos. Their creativity and vitality (and sometimes hilarity) is a thrill. The book club movement is thriving.

* What lies ahead for your site? How would you like to see it grow?
For starters, we have a new & improved Book Review Section.  An Indie Author Section is on the horizon....But we need more User input:  Comment Sections and Reader Reviews. I'd also love a Kids' Section... a LitShop for cool products... and ideas for videos... And like everyone else, I've got a book in my desk drawer---a collection of cartoons about a book-club-know-it-all (she's my alter ego).
It's all do-able...but it just takes more than a single set of hands. The good news is that we've hooked up with a marketing group who's filled with great ideas---so there'll be a lot more hands to screw in the light bulb.
Molly -- you certainly have a lot going on! Thank you for taking time to do this interview.
I look forward to finding, reading and reviewing books for your site.

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