Tuesday, April 14, 2015

All I Want to Do is Sew

All I want to do lately is sew! Feeling like that is rare, so I am going with the flow. My mother used to say that she didn't much like to sew, but liked to have sewn -- and often I feel like that too. Sewing takes patience, and sometimes that is a quality I am short on. I think what got me started was working on a mixed media piece involving both cloth and paper which was accepted as a possible finalist in a Cloth Paper Scissors magazine Challenge. I won't share that image here just yet; hopefully there will be good news about that piece yet to come.  I have been working on some small patchwork pieces that I will eventually turn into mats or pillows, unfinished still, but at least squared off and ready for further projects.

My biggest project to date is the zippered purse shown above. I don't really know how to put zippers in, but found a way to fake it by sewing the zipper in while the sides were still open.  Working without a pattern, I learned a lot. Making the purse took many hours and while I was working on it I thought -- never again. But then when it was done, I found myself thinking of what I might do differently next time to improve the design, including some shortcuts I learned the hard way (like sewing the inside pockets on before adding the zipper and making the bottom a bit wider). But no more purse projects right now.

After going to "the Hidden Quilt Shop" in Old Spring, TX with a couple of girlfriends last month, I made the two pillows above. My favorite find there was some fabric printed with a map of Manhattan Island. And so I made a long skinny pillow out of that fabric. (They had lots of different map-themed fabric among their 18,000 bolts!) The batik strips that had been hiding in my fabric stash were also put to use for a pillow. Theoretically, I am always working to use up my stash, but invariably along comes some project or another that demands the purchase of more fabric.
And don't get me started on yarn consumption. In that area too, I have the goal of using up my stash. I attend the "Common Threads" group at my UU church. We  knit, crochet and sew together twice a month and also choose an annual charitable project. Last year we donated quite a stack of blankets to Texas Children's Hospital and will do so again this year. The staff at TCH told us that ever child admitted to the hospital is given a special blanket to keep. I love having a reason like that to crochet! We have been having a lot of rainy days lately, perfect weather to hunker down and sew or crochet.  Back to my projects now and thanks for reading!

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