Saturday, January 17, 2015

"Live Your Life as a Work of Art" and Other Inspiring Quotations

Back in 2012, a dear friend in Idaho sent me a copy of Artists Speak: a Sketchbook edited by Eric Maisel (Harper Collins, 1993). It was a timely gift, for I needed a new commonplace book. I like to jot down quotations as I read and visit the internet, and this journal is perfect for that purpose. To the sides of every page are short quotations related to creativity, leaving plenty of room for me to add more. I enjoyed going through it today. Here are some of the gems I've collected:
"Live your life as a work of art."
- Rabbi Joseph Abraham Heschel
  at age 100, from an interview at the Shalom Center
"Fictions, fantasies, dreams -- these are, to the humanistic imagination, a kind of sacred preserve. They are the last bastion of magic."
- Jonathan Gottschall
The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human (Mariner Books, 2013)
"Nothing is less real than realism. Details are confusing. It is only by selection, by elimination, by emphasis that we can get at the real meaning of things."
- Georgia O'Keeffe
"How do I work? I grope."
- Albert Einstein
"The creative spirit creates with whatever materials are present. With food, with children, with building blocks, with speech, with thoughts, with pigment, with an umbrella, a wine glass or torch. We are not craftsmen only during studio hours. Anymore than man is wise only in his library. Or devout only in church.. The material is not only the sign of the creative feeling for life: of the warmth and reverence which foster being, techniques are not the sign. The sign is the light that dwells within the act, whatever its nature or medium."
- M.C. Richards
Centering in Pottery, Poetry and the Person, (Wesleyan, 1989)
"If to live is to progress, if you are lucky, from foolishness to wisdom, then to write novels is to broadcast the various stages of your foolishness.
- Jane Smiley
13 Ways of Looking at the Novel (Knopf, 2005)
"If I  knew where the good songs come from, I'd go there more often. It's a mysterious condition. It's much like the life of a Catholic nun. You're married to the mystery."
- Leonard Cohen
Songwriters on Songwriting by Paul Zollo (Da Capo Press, 2003)
"Much of the beauty that arises in art comes from the struggle an artist wages
with his limited medium.”
- Henri Matisse
"Sometimes I see it and then paint it. Other times I paint it and then see it. Both are impure situations, and I prefer neither.
- Jasper Johns
Artists Speak: a Sketchbook edited by Eric Maisel (Harper Collins, 1993)
"The creative force flows over the terrain of our psyches looking for the natural hollows, the arroyos, the channels that exist in us. We become its tributaries, its basins; we are its pools, ponds, streams and sanctuaries. The wild creative force flows into whatever beds we have, those we are born with, as well as those we dig with our own hands. We don't have to fill them, we only have to build them."
- Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stereotypes of the Wild Woman Archetype (Ballantine, 1992)
Funny I should be drawn to quotes about creativity today, as lately my creativity is somewhat challenged. I am not finding a lot of time for collage, except for a few small retail orders. I am involved in reorganizing and backing up all my computer files, including both images and documents, a boring task but the results are worth it. The need for this occurred to me after my Yahoo mail was hacked in December. Yahoo gave me no help. My account was frozen. I switched to Gmail. I had to completely rebuild my Contacts. On the home front, we are doing some remodeling involving both professional help and our own crafty hands. And then, of course, there were the holidays. They were fun, but as always, I found myself grateful for the new year and the return to the "ordinary," which for me can be divine.
Healthwise, I have entered a period of physical therapy for frozen shoulders and arthritis in my knees. I have to laugh, repeatedly filling out medical forms that ask me to describe my various pains because said pains change often and can be challenging to describe. Sometimes there are multiple choices such as stabbing, burning, piercing, numbness, etc. There is no little box to check for "feels like someone is pressing two frozen silver dollars into my knees" or "bands of electricity encircling my arm." And so it goes. Oh, and did I mention I tried acupuncture? Yes, I had six sessions with (small world) an acupuncturist who used to be a library customer. Helpful, enlightening and I may repeat such treatment in the future. 
Anyway, I do get blue when life interferes with art! Here's hoping that in the near future, I will deepen my relationship with both art and writing. I find myself dreaming of new ways to merge those two lifetime interests.
Belated Happy New Year 2015! 


P Ludnquist, Pittsburgh said...

Thanks Keddy, nice to have a Speed of Light treat in a cold January

Stitchwhiz said...

Happy New Year to you as well! The Eric Maisel journal looks interesting. I think I'll locate and purchase a copy. I was cleaning out a large drawer of patterns, quilting projects, fabrics today and came across some old notes I'd jotted down on the back of an envelope. And I'm always taking notes so I don't forget and I collect quotations that are noteworthy. Good luck as you manage your pain and ailments. And the challenges of internet technology can drive one crazym but where would we be without social networks? Finding balance is the key.