Friday, July 26, 2013

Every Art Room Needs a Cat Dreaming Nearby & Other Photos

Napping cat Ms. Abigail doesn't even wink when the paper cutter slams down!

My desk neatened up after a collage session.

Some art supplies and tools to the right of my desk.

Boxes of pre-cut scraps, usually kept in drawers and on shelves. If I have them all out and about, I get too distracted. I pull out certain boxes depending what I think I might need.

After my mother's illness, death and memorial service and a time of travel, I was slow to return to collage. As an ice-breaker, I made a few collage cards. I am back to more complicated projects now and feel like I am hitting my stride, aiming for a couple of masterpieces to submit to the upcoming annual National Collage Society show.

Some of my rulers. You can't have enough rulers! I use the little Coca-Cola polar bear ruler all the time.

A few of my favorite scissors.

Inspirational "pretties" and keepsakes!


Kathie Weir said...

What order! What a peaceful, yet productive space you have created, where the precision of math meets the wonder of creativity. You are an amazing artist!

LoneStarLibrarian said...

Aw, shucks -- Thank you very much.
That room is my sanctuary and happy space. I get withdrawal symptoms when I have to be away from it for too long. So nice of you to comment so generously!

Anonymous said...

Peaceful and orderly, just as Ms. Weir stated. Awesome paper cutter!
I have one like it (different color) that I've been saving for the day I can create a similar work area. What a happy space!