Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Garden Shots, Spring 2013

That teeny tiny green dot is a newborn lemon! Last year this tree was attacked by leaf miners and lost all its blossoms, so we are overjoyed to get off to a better start this year.

This telephone pole in the corner of the yard used to be covered by an overgrown bush. When we tore out the bush, I felt called to decorate the pole. Now our eyes take in the metal flowers more than the pole.

Herbs including parsley, basil, sage and sorrel.

Belinda's Dream, a rose I prize for its fragrance.

Mostly succulents, in one corner of the patio.

Potted plants everywhere! I have more plants than sense. Every year I say I am going to cut back, but inevitably buy, receive, repot or propogate more.

This spring has been cool for Houston. I had to replant my zinnia seeds in the front yard after a run of cold days because I think the temperature change zapped their germination process. My sunflowers are tiny sprouts. I have trouble with critters eating the young sunflowers, and so have begun planting them in peat pots for a better start. We have about 4 varieties of tomatoes started, among them, as usual the dependable Juliet variety. I wish I had room for more vegetables, but my experiments with flowers tend to fill up most of the space, not to mention the weeds, especially clover. And everyday I find new acorn sprouots to pull up since the oaks produced a bumper crop in reaction to the drought of 2011. They were even sprouting on our roof in tiny amounts of fallen leaves and blown pollen gathered in gables, etc. I love climbing up on the roof, not so much for the required maintenance, but for the views. I imagine one of these years I am going to have to stop doing that and hire help. But for the time being, yard work of all kinds is part of my exercise routine and I am happy to putter away in the everchanging landscapes there.

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