Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Three Year Retire-versary

Indulge me in a bit of personal reflection on my third anniversary of retirement from Harris County Public Library. This past weekend I enjoyed volunteering at the West University Library's Friends of the Library book sale. Just two hours or so of involvment with people and books, most specifically and especially, with former customers, was both fun and fulfilling. It made me realize what I miss most about my job is "what have you read lately?" chit-chat with fellow bibliophiles. Also, even though I was a library manager, I never minded shelving books, especially fiction, where every shelf invited memories of novels I once enjoyed. Just seeing their familiar spines spelled contentment. But am I longing to go back to work? No way. There's more than enough to do in my life to keep me 110% busy. My reach always seems to exceed my grasp.

Family, friends, making art, gardening, yoga, swimming, walking, biking, quilting, cooking, writing book reviews for Library Journal and facilitating a group called Creative Intentions on the Here Women Talk website, book group, fiber arts group, Sunday UU women's native American spirituality circle: these things form the foundation of my days. Sounds idyllic, but life is never 100% rainbows. My mother, who is 93, and still living semi-independently, directly and indirectly demands a lot of my attention. Just last week I returned from Long Island after visiting her and hiring a 24 hour live-in aide now needed to keep Mom safe at home. 

Because my life feels so busy, I had to cut back on my blogging frequency here at Speed of Light. Twice a month feels about right now. Just like when you are employed, even in retirement, life is a balancing act. I wish I could find more time to really commune with nature, especially rivers and oceans. My husband and I own a canoe that we hope to launch next month. Right now my best connection with nature comes through backyard gardening. We have Juliet, Yellow Pear and Homestead tomatoes coming in. There is always plenty to do in the yard, but I would love to see more of the American West. Someday I hope to cross all 50 states off my lifetime travel list. I also have hopes of becoming a labyrinth facilitator when I can afford the time and money to enroll in a Veriditas training course. For all my hopes and blessings, I am grateful. Staying fit is very important, as are friends, intellectual activities and so-called "down time", a commodity I always seem to be short of. And so it goes... L'chaim!

collage: Alive by KAO

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