Saturday, February 18, 2012

Experiments in Layered Photography

I've been playing with layering photography using my Paint Shop Pro software. Lots to learn yet! It is fun to see how photos combine with drawings, collages and fabric scans. So far the results often have a batik-like effect. I may embellish some of these images further by printing them on fabric and adding embroidery, etc., or use them in mixed media compositions.

As some of my friends and family know, I've been in NY visiting my mother, who suffered a fall in her home last week. No bones were broken, but she had a bad nosebleed. Somehow this led to a six day hospital stay and now she is in a nursing center for physical therapy. We are hoping she can regain her strength and return home soon. Playing with Paint Shop Pro on my laptop while doing bedside duty has been a welcome diversion. I have been browsing through my photo files using Picasa, and making lists of images to play with. As always, thanks for taking a look at my artwork!


Gail Storey said...

Beautiful art, Keddy, I never cease to be amazed and thrilled by the evolution of your work! Each piece draws me into the layers and reveals mystery.

LoneStarLibrarian said...

Thanks, Gail! So glad to have you as a reader. Looking forward to your next movie short!