Friday, July 1, 2011

My Collage Show @ Caladan Gallery

Marjorie Kay at Caladan Gallery made my day back in January when she awarded me with the opportunity of having a solo exhibit this summer. Well that time has come. Visit Caladan Gallery to see the 15 "Altarpiece" compositions in the show.

I had just begun the Altarpiece series when the opportunity to show at Caladan came to me. My sense of purpose increased and the series expanded. Buddhas and goddesses, labyrinths and mandalas rolled into my picture frames. From my point of view, many of these ancient symbols and forms seem still to be magically alive, as well as full of mystery. Perhaps my Unitarian Universalist faith is also involved, because we believe there is wisdom to be found in all the world's religions and spiritual practices. Although the initial series wound down after a few months of focused play, I'm sure eventually there will be new pieces forthcoming. Happy Fourth of July, and thanks for taking a look at my collages!

collages by Keddy Ann Outlaw:

Altarpiece 1: The Widow's Altar

Altarpiece 16: Compassionista

Altarpiece 39: Chaos Balanced


Jeffrey Shallit said...

Congrats on your show!

Deena said...

Congratulations on your exhibit, Keddy! This is tantamount to having a book published, in my opinion, so I totally get how amazing you must feel right now. Here's to much success for you as you continue to share your creativity with the world.:)
Deena Remiel

Charles Gramlich said...

Lovely stuff.