Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Poem: Dream E & F

Back in my poetry-writing days, I had fun submitting work to small and/or obscure journals. It was always a pleasure to have a poem published. If you hadn't ever seen the publication you sent work to, it could be tricky. A couple of times I was rather disappointed by the look of the zine, or the company I found myself in. That was not true of Dream Machinery, a delightful small journal that published dream poems. If I could find my copy, I would gladly supply the editor's name, but I could not put my hands on it today. But my notes indicate that this poem was published in Volume 1 of Dream Machinery, 1994.


Elvis and Frida
dance together,
he still a teen
in his movie usher uniform,
she even younger,
a schoolgirl in the days
before the bus ran her over.

E & F.
Elvis Forever,
Eternally Frida,
equally flamboyant.

After they dance,
they shop the racks of Limbo,
but the clothes are monochrome.
Either heaven or hell
would have had better shopping,
they agree; better colors:
pomegrante red, electric
guitar lustre blue, gold
sequined grandeur, and
cadmium yellow.

On Earth
their images
multiply: on posters
and apparel, notebooks and
3-D post cards.

In Limbo they have
vague recollections
of gaudy fame.
They know they are different
than the rest of the crowd.
They keep busy, Elvis looking
after his stillborn twin Jesse,
Frida fussing over an imaginary friend.
But sometimes when they dance
it comes back to them,
the adulation, the sweet, sharp
tastes of life, was it a dream?

- Keddy Ann Outlaw

photo by KAO: Memory Lane Inn

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