Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Collage in Honor of Spring

In honor of the Vernal Equinox tomorrow, here is a recent collage from my new Altarpiece series. "Green Gestures" has been shipped to a friend in North Carolina labeled simply as Altarpiece 15. She took a liking to this particular collage and may wish to chose a title herself.

Spring energies have been active in Houston for the past few weeks. The weather continues to be warm and tolerable. My tomato plants are getting to be knee high, and the cone flowers I transplanted from a neighbor's yard are blooming nicely. We did our annual tear-out of the poison oak vines growing through the fence into our yard from the yard next door. My husband Tom can handle poison oak without getting a rash, but not me -- I break out in blisters just passing anywhere near it. Construction workers are tearing down the ranch house on that lot to rebuild a two-story home. So it's going to be a long noisy summer. But that's life -- ever changing, and in the meantime, I'm happy creating imaginary worlds via collage and mixed media.

"Every spring is the only spring -- a perpetual astonishment." - Ellis Peters

photo: Altarpiece 15: Green Gestures, collage by Keddy Ann Outlaw

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