Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Visual Joy @ Caladan Gallery

On a lark, I submitted three of my collages to Caladan Gallery when they put out a call for art related to Visual Joy. It was a delight to learn that my art made it into the show, which is online from February 1 - March 4, 2011. The collage shown here is one of them, entitled "And So We Were Born Unto the Universe".

Marjorie Kaye, Director of Caladan Gallery, has this to say about the theme: "Love, humor, quiet reflection: all of these illustrate, in addition to other experiences, what it is to be in a state of joy. Color and form generate this; the flow of paint, the capturing of natural formation; emotion, expression and deep spiritual realization reflect it. It seems to be easier to reflect the frustration and isolation of existence in these times, than it is to give oneself over to pure joy. The works chosen for this exhibition are signs of life in a troubled time."

There are eighteen artists in the show. My joyful reaction to the works of Howard Berelson, Lauren Curtis and John Knight was immediate. Howard Berelson creates digital works which remind me of Millefiori glass, composed with delightful bursts of color and intricate details. Digital artist Lauren Curtis presents two transcendent images of spiritual rapture. Painter John Knight composes playful oceanside landscapes ripe with colorful biodiversity.

Although I showed with Caladan Gallery one other time, somehow I didn't pick up on the genesis of its name. Caladan is a fictional planet from the Dune series by Frank Herbert! As a librarian, I am always delighted to see literary interconnections such as this. In closing, here is a quote from Dune: "The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience." (spoken by Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam to Paul Atreides, a statement based on the philosophy of Soren Kierkegaard.) Native Americans speak of the creative life-force as the Great Mystery, and in my humble opinion, making art surely leads there. Infinite are the lessons, interlaced with pure joy.

photo: Collage, "And So We Were Born Unto the Universe", 2010, by Keddy Ann Outlaw.


Talon said...

Congrats on being accepted into this show and thank so much for your kind words & link to my artwork!! Your collages are great! I've been represented by Caladan Gallery for several years now and Marjorie is amazing to work with! Hope we'll be in another exhibit together again soon.
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otb said...

Hey Keddy, I am so psyched I forwarded your art to all my friends who are taking ptg with me at unm this semester.

Sooo beautiful, KAO, and the photographs in your blog...lines, tangents, intersections.

you are sailing, babe