Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lines and Shadows: Recent Photos

Camera in hand, my eye is easily drawn to intersecting lines and shadows, often where nature and what we would call the manmade overlap and combine. Today I've been fooling with Picasa and Picnik to see if I have any use for their features. No decisions to report. I'm mostly content using two versions of Paint Shop, one from Jasc, the later from Corel. I've never made the move to Photoshop, but may decide to in the future.

One of my goals with collage is to use more of my own photos, and I've also been getting more into applications of paint, pencil and simple printmaking effects. The variety of choices is ever- expanding. The photos chosen for today's post could easily make the transition to mixed media collage. Allowing myself to play with software and materials at hand leads to breakthroughs. Such is the life of an artist, a "job title" I've only recently felt entitled to use.

Making the transition from public librarian to working artist is a privilege, for sure. Retirement makes this possible and I am most grateful. In a recent email to a writer friend, I found myself stating that any day where I don't get to make art is less than optimal. He agreed 250%. It feels great to have a grand obsession. New ideas keep marching in. The trick is staying in balance, keeping yourself physically fit and well nourished, as well as having time for family and friends. With that in mind, now it is time for a morning bike ride or walk, filled with a blogger's relief that I have reported something or another to the world and am free to get back to other pursuits! Cheers - KAO.

Photos by KAO:
Street Surface Abstraction, Long Island, 2010
Rain on Screen Abstraction, 2010
Vines on Arbor, Antique Rose Emporium, Brenham TX, 2011
Iron Arbor Against Sky, Antique Rose Emporium, Brenham TX, 2011
Herman Park Japanese Garden Pond, Houston TX, 2011
Herman Park Forest Floor Abstraction, 2011


Sue Ann Gleason said...

I love the phrase "grand obsession"! It so fits my love for all that I embark on. Your art is so inspiring. I love it that you are looking at incorporating more of your photos into your collage. More of Keddy for us to see and interpret! ;)

Keep creating. Keep writing.

Jeffrey Shallit said...

Very very nice!

Don Wentworth said...

Great work ... and you have certainly been entitled to call yourself an artist for a lot longer than you have.

Don @ Lilliput