Thursday, November 4, 2010

Collage Online

One of my favorite online diversions is visiting collage-related websites. So today I thought I would share a few of my favorites. First up: Scrapeteria, a blog where weekly themes are
announced and then exemplified daily by a variety of artists. Recent themes have included Weird Headlines, Halloween, Laundry, Assemblage, Pets. I've had one assemblage and one collage featured in the last two months, and hope to continue to find work to submit. Themes are announced every Thursday night.

Collage artist Julie Sadler maintains the website called Collage Clearinghouse, a "place to find all kinds of information about collage". There is such a great collection of links and resources there, I need to spend more time pointing and clicking around.

The National Collage Society, which I joined for the first time this year, lists as one of its purposes as advancing collage as a major art medium, and I'm all for that! I am pleased to be included in their 2010 26th Annual Juried Exhibit. See my piece above, Broken Labyrinth #3.

Notpaper is a Flickr group about collage, as well as a blog. Then there's Collagista, a collage-based e-zine, which I learned about following Cultural Dissection. Lately many of my friends have been exploring SoulCollage, a fantastic intuitive collage process. Global Collage is an interesting, diverse, participatory collage site I just discovered today. Thanks to the internet, there seem to be more places than ever to show and share collage work!

photo: Cut and paste paper collage, Broken Labyrinth #3 by Keddy Ann Outlaw

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