Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Collage: Working with Scraps

I'm at a stage with collage where I'm allowing myself to play with abstractions. I approach them almost as scrap quilts. I challenge myself to use a certain small handful of scraps and go to it. I am also working with leftover scraps of matboard. Playing like this helps to turn off the inner critic. Often I am drawn to fully saturated colors and patterns, the goal being to trick the eye into almost not knowing what it is seeing.

I've had a touch of insomnia lately, so some of these were made after midnight! It is fun to wake up and go see what I might have made the day before. After I finish the first layer of glue-down, it may or may not be all done. Often I add more layers later. To make sure the layers adhere well and stay flat, I slip the images between pieces of wax paper and insert them into a large book which I weigh down with another large book or my assorted boxes of scraps. Collage is quite obsessive! I love having this outlet for my imagination. Off I go now to cut up a few more scraps...
Photos: Scrap Collages by KAO, 2010

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