Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Fever 2010

A few months ago, Houston experienced frost at a colder level than most winters past. Our lemon tree looked dead, the ferns died, as did one tomato plant I put in too early. But things are coming back, and the almost bare yard was a good excuse to on a shopping spree at Buchanans Native Plants and other local nurseries. And as many of you know, our two chickens Betty and Scarlett had done some serious damage on the greenery when we naively let them forage freely to their hearts' content. Now they are corralled in a large area towards the back and one side of the garage, so about a month ago it was such a relief to begin replanting. (I do feel sorry for the hens' lack of greenery so every day I pick an assortment of clover and grass and nasturtium leaves for them to snack on - do they have me hornswoggled or what???)

Anyway, since I am very busy finishing up my reading for the Lariat Award task force before the Texas Library Association conference in San Antonio next week, I have no time for a lengthy blog post and beg your forgiveness for this mostly photographic entry, which happens to be blog post 150! My spring fever revives itself every time I go out to the yard, and is a welcome relief from reading and agonizing over the Lariat choices. To quote Margaret Atwood, "In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt."

Photos by KAO:
a thriving Juliet tomato plant,
galvanized tub of chard coming up
blooming assortment next to garage,
pruned Meyer lemon tree coming back,
white ranunculus,
and galvanized tub of flowers, Spring 2010

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