Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Collage Mind

Whatever "Collage Mind" is, right now I have it. I go to my study after breakfast, sit down at my work table and get to work. For every finished composition I find pleasing, there are others which somehow don't have enough life or tension in them; those I set aside for later revision. Often the impetus for a collage starts with one image. Lately I need a human element. When I don't have that element, often my collages become merely decorative.

I am under the influence of SoulCollage: An Intuitive Collage Process for Individuals and Groups (Hanford Mead, 2001; new edition due out next year) by Seena B. Frost. I've had the book for awhile but because when I first glanced through it, there seemed to be a lot of rules about how to make a personalized deck of collage cards for self-exploration, I set it aside. I am into collage more as an art form, not to deny the personal element. Now Soul Collage is being offered as a course at one of my favorite agencies for continuing education: the Jung Center of Houston, Texas. I am currently taking the course with a friend and we are loving it. The instructor is a therapist named Glenda Rice. I still have some issues with "the rules" of SoulCollage and when the six week course is over, I feel the biggest gain for me will be applying the process into my artwork. In other words, it has been a kick in the pants.

Collage Mind calls. Back to my scissors and paste!

artwork by KAO: Wonder of Womanhood; The Barbie Within

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