Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I tried to find a way to place these book covers as a group on the sidebar, but had no luck. So I decided to write a short post about my days of being published. At one time or another I contributed to the books above. Each time, it was a thrill. There was a period of about ten years where I spent most of my leisure time pursuing creative writing. I attended writing classes, gathered in writing groups and went to conferences. It was a great deal of fun and hard work. I confess I even had the novel bug for awhile and thus am the owner of two unpublished novel manuscripts. And I have a stack of moldering periodicals my poems and stories appeared in.

I might try writing a novel again some day. But in this age of electronic multitasking, I wonder if I have the attention span or the chutzpah. Blogging and book reviewing currently satisfy my writing desires. One thing I learned I did not much like about being a writer was the need to promote and market oneself. Although there were times I enjoyed reading my work in public, it became less of a thrill as time went on. If you're an introvert, as many writers are, performing your work can be a real stretch. And often the compensation is not commensurate with time spent. For a few years, I did get handsome royalty checks from Papier Mache Press (thank you, Sandra Martz, a wonderful editor and mother hen to hundreds of women writers). Who am I kidding, if someone had paid me big bucks to croak out my poems and stories, I would have found a way to comply! But the impetus to compete and network towards increased fame was lacking.

I also felt that I was spending too much time writing instead of living. In that period of time known as midlife, I wanted something else. Taking a hiatus from creative writing activities felt right. A few years passed and I went back to writing book reviews for Library Journal. Then I was required to learn how to blog at work (thank you, Harris County Public Library). This "cybertunity" became my new thrill. My first post on this blog went up on September 22, 2007, labeled "Grateful". What a democratic art form, so free and easy. My gratefulness continues today. Thank you, readers and thanks also to the many powers that be which result in a thriving Internet.

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