Thursday, May 14, 2009

Once a Librarian.....Part 2

A short postscript to my post from a couple of weeks ago, in which I wondered what it will be like to be a public librarian without a library.

Texas Library Association (TLA) has already given me an answer, with their timely invitation to join a newly formed task force charged with creating what will be called the "Lariat List", a compilation of the year's best fiction reads for adults. To be involved in this process, it is required that I attend annual conferences and their summer meetings held in Austin known as Annual Assemblies. The suggestion and nomination process has started, with much reading to be done. This will be a two year commitment on my part. I was pleased to accept this invitation and am looking forward to working with librarians around the state to formulate the lists.

I have always wanted to attend the Texas Book Festival, held in Austin every fall. Now I have the perfect excuse to go, plus all the time off in the world. Who could ask for more?

Drawing/Doodle, Weave 02, by Keddy Outlaw

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