Monday, April 20, 2009

Circling Home

Circling Home

Dear Ferris Wheel
I saw you in a sudden holy blaze
across a weedy field
on South Main Street

Ferris Wheel all lit up
good as Las Vegas
Ferris Wheel you are to me
all of Coney Island
all of Time turning
in crazy kaleidoscope
Flowers opening
cat eyes the sun

Ferris Wheel you are
riding within me
driving my car
yet taking
the familiar sweet sad road
back home circling home

Ferris Wheel
circling the midway
clenching small children
up to the stars
Clenching regret
I leave you behind
and roll along
alone in the dark

- Keddy Ann Outlaw
as published in Blue Violin: a Journal of Free-Verse Poetry, 2001

photo: Midway at Houston Rodeo, 2009

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