Friday, January 23, 2009

Blog Sampler

Something new in the sidebar area: the links and feeds from "My Blog List". I only listed a few of the many I subscribe to in Bloglines, both at home and work.

The Art Knowledge News blog helps me keep up with art news and shows at museums around the world. I love browsing through its posts because they are so visual. Surely my art literacy is nurtured by this blog. I chose the Andrew Wyeth painting, Christina's World, above, from their post about the recent death of Andrew Wyeth. The Floral Park Public Library, my childhood library in Long Island, New York had a reproduction of this painting on the wall in the children's room. I often wondered what Christina's story was because I felt the painting was both melancholy and beautiful (sometimes it seemed out of place to me there in that room with Curious George and Cinderella). To read more about the genesis of this painting, read this Wikipedia entry. Christina's World is one of the most widely recognized 20th century American paintings.

Early Word; the Publisher/Librarian Connection is a truly unique blog. Nora Rawlinson, co-founder and editor, does an awesome job of keeping up with trends in popular culture and how they manifest in the form of book titles. She reflects these back to librarians, thereby helping us keep up with customer demand. She seems to be all-knowing, all-seeing, and I imagine her having a great time every day trolling through websites, blogs, magazines, newspapers, etc. She is truly Nora on the spot, quicker than quick.

Issa's Untidy Hut is the quirky name of the blog for Lilliput Review, a very fine small press print magazine specializing in short poetry ten lines or less (a place a few of my scribbles and doodles have appeared). But really it is much more than that under the tutelage of Don Wentworth, editor and chief bottle washer. He is a one man poetry band, highlighting different poets and their poems daily, with lots of embedded content. Don is a librarian at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, where he facilitates a "3 Poems by" poetry discussion program for his lucky patrons.

One postscript for the week: a bibliographic essay I wrote on "Radio Reads" was published in the January 15, 2009 issue of Library Journal. Writing for "The Reader's Shelf" column of LJ has been a privilege, especially working with great editors like Nancy Pearl and Neal Wyatt.

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