Friday, September 26, 2008

Galveston, Oh Galveston

I don't think I could have stayed in Houston for very long were it not for Galveston and other coastal areas nearby. I need to know the ocean is near, even if I can't get there regularly. I guess it's due to growing up on Long Island, New York. All through my childhood, other than visits to cousins in Brooklyn, our getaways involved the sand and shore. I went to Blue Bay Girl Scout Camp on Gardiner's Bay in East Hampton. Best of all, I spend many weekends and vacations in Sag Harbor, because I was frequently and generously invited along by my friend Susan and her parents, who had a summer house there. We spent whole days on the beach and I learned how to water ski (successfully getting up on skis the very first time is still an empowering memory). When I was 16 and got my Driver's License, the furthest I was allowed to go in the family car was Jones Beach. Remembering Jones Beach brings back the tang of salt, coconut oil and grilled hot dogs. Now when I visit New York, I love going to Jones Beach even if it's just to walk the boardwalk.

Hurricane Ike took Galveston down, but not out. Galveston is a survivor. It rebuilt after the Great Storm of 1900, after hurricane Carla and many other storms. There was a photo in the Houston Chronicle last week which personified the city's survivor spirit. Gaidos, a historic seafood restaurant on the Seawall, had its roof damaged by Ike. But they set up tables outside the restaurant, dressed them in white tablecloths, and served a shrimp dinner to the first responders. That photo made me proud. We will be going back to Galveston and Gaidos ourselves as soon as the "All clear" is given......

On a personal note, my house is still without electrical power following Ike. Thank goodness for libraries. I've begun to catch back up electronically. I enjoyed some vacation days (what some call a "hurrication") following the storm, and settled into the rhythms of a slower, non-electrified life. We are using a lot of candles and eating simply. I have a new appreciation for daylight. And I got a lot done in my yard. But I have to admit I'm ready to more fully return to the 21st Century. We've been told we should have power by Sunday.

Also I must note I've passed the one year mark as a blogger. 9-22-08 was my first Blogaversary. I am grateful for this opportunity to write as a "Lone Star Librarian". Blogs seem to me to be the ultimate democratic journalistic form. No editor! Free and clear! We can live without such electronic marvels but hey, who wants to? I'm hooked, and hope to continue blogging in one form or another forevermore.

photo: Galveston waters by KAO

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Has your power been restored?