Friday, June 13, 2008

The Riding Your Bike to Work Game

One of the joys of my life is riding my bike. Since the gas crunch, I've gotten motivated to use the bike instead of my truck to get to work once or twice a week. I have a new one speed cruiser and it rides smooth as butter. It occurred to me this morning as I pedaled along that riding my bike to work was something of a quest. Strategies are needed for conquering the traffic, finding the shadiest streets, getting around construction zones, etc. When I arrive at the library after 25 minutes of the Houston heat and humidity, I need to drip dry, but I feel great! My quest to commute is complete, and the exercise pheromones coursing through my brain thank me for my efforts.

We are studying games @ HCPL this summer. This past week I struggled to learn Runescape. I have to admit I only got halfway through the tutorial. My character was having a hard time questing as assigned to chop down trees, start a fire, prospect for metals to make into daggers, etc. I got so tired of pointing and clicking and going down false paths. Talk about stuck! Truly it was an exercise in frustration. If I could have sat down with an experienced player, perhaps the learning curve would have improved. I have decided not to complete the Games module for training hours. Therefore I will be skipping Next Generation exercises 36 - 38. If you are following along, I hope you have better luck. My mind is not closed to such games. I plan on reading along and trying new games without have to complete every required task. Riding my bike to work is enough of a game for me!

I saw an article in the Sunday, June 8, 2008 New York Times about a gaming headset being developed by a Emotiv Systems which sounds quite amazing. Wearing it, you are able to manipulate object in games with your brain and facial muscles. It has 16 sensors, and will come bundled with a practice game which helps develop the player's powers of concentration and visualization. The future is NOW (or will be by Christmas 2008 when the headset is due to be available in stores).
photo: My Blue Bike! by KAO

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