Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Cleaning for Email - Exercise 29

Readers' alert: This may be a boring post. Instead of reading it, go outside and enjoy the spring weather! In Houston, spring is here.

1. If you do not have a personal email account, create one. Been there! Done that, and can't imagine a world without email.

2. On your work account, create folders (if you don't have them) and clean out/move emails in all folders or forward to your personal account. Yes, I clean up my email about once a month if not more often. Invariably, I discover something I still need something I deleted, but that's what they call Murphy's Law. A positive take on Murphy's Law involves something called "defensive design". Plan for mistakes! The correct action to take would involve saving certain emails I might need later as files elsewhere on my computer.

3. Clean out and update your address book. I ended up removing about a dozen names for certain individuals no longer involved in any way with my work at HCPL.

4. Write an entry in your blog about deleting files and your plan for keeping your email account up-to-date and clutter free in the future. My plan is to continue the regular maintenance I've always practiced.

Also involved in Exercise 29 was an introduction to the Snopes/Rumor Has It site. I'd always heard of this site as the authority on hoaxes, so it was interesting to troll through the 25 Hottest Urban Legends, many of which looked familiar. Who hasn't gotten an forwarded email from a friend about the dangers of aspartame (false), windfall profits tax (false), or the #-9-0 phone scam (partly true)? I'm glad I don't get those kinds of emails at work and that our Network Services Department does such a good job of filtering spam.

photo by KAO: Kudzu in Faulkner's yard, Oxford, Mississippi

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