Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Spring Cleaning - Exercise 30

In this exercise, we were asked to move files around, delete files and/or back up files in new ways. I moved all the branch photos to a flash drive and plan to make DVD copies as well.
We are lucky at the library in that we have a network which allows us all sorts of storage choices. There is a "P" drive we all share at the branch level. And we each have our own dedicated "Z" drive for documents, etc. Also, for large files , there is an "S" drive that everyone in the system has access to. Files on the S drive do not stay there for long. At my branch, we have not made use of the "P" drive, but once I was reminded of it, I moved a few key documents there so everyone can access them. We are spoiled rotten @ HCPL because we have a great Network Services staff who are always just a phone call away whenever we have technical difficulties.

If only things were so easy at home! We have times when our wireless network disappears. My husband has a new wireless mouse that suddenly stopped working. I tried installing an external hard drive on my computer, but it slowed down every operation on my machine, so I gave up on that concept. I am still backing things up onto DVDs and CDs. A well-reviewed flash drive I purchased doesn't always show up when I try to use it at home. It works fine at the office. I read Smart Computing magazine and have learned a few tricks, but I am no techie. It seems to me that helping people with their home computing problems must be a booming vocational field. Everyone is getting more and more wired, yet most of us don't have all the expertise needed to keep it all ticking along.

This season of spring cleaning has had a good effect on staff. The Children's Librarian cleaned out a craft cabinet as well as her desk files and electronic files. I went through my hobby and travel files at home and threw away about a third of my clippings. I am trying to move to a more electronic mode, but clipping articles is still an inborn habit. It was one of the ways my father communicated that he was thinking of his daughter -- by clipping stories from the NY Times to send to me. The ink and paper smell of the N Y Times always reminds me of him. And while I was reorganizing files at home, I came across a folder of photos and memorabilia related to Dad I had totally forgotten about. He passed away in the Spring of 2003. Spring cleaning really gave me a gift, and I am grateful.

photo: Lily Pond by KAO

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