Friday, February 29, 2008

Poetry Podcast

As an optional "Next Gen" exercise, we were asked to create a podcast. I decided to read a poem from a chapbook I co-authored with Sandra Reiff and Sharron Crowson in 1995. The poem, "Daniel Boone's Wife", runs about 3 minutes long. I joined Gabfest and read the poem into a phone receiver on my lunch hour, certainly an easy way to record a podcast. It should be accessible on the blog side bar.

The Astronaut's Ex-Wife project featured poems about wifely characters real and imagined. I mostly wrote about the wives of famous historical figures such as Ben Franklin and Daniel Boone. It was fun hunting down information about these hardly known figures in history. Maybe when I retire, I can write some more pieces in this vein. The Becca Boone poem may also be thought of as a dramatic monologue.

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