Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Making/Listening to Music Together: Exercise 26

1. Take a look around several of the music networking sites and compare notes on what they offer. Social music sites such as Mog, Imeem and Project Playlist have risen out of the Web 2.0 mindset. Fans and musical peers pay more attention to each other's recommendations than to official reviewers. At Mog, you can make friends based on common musical tastes. Imeem is a site where you can share music, photos and videos. An article in Television Week (1/28/2008) indicates that Imeem adds 65,000 new registered users daily, which makes it the fastest growing social network today. Using Project Playlist, you can share your playlist on Blogger, My Space, etc. In effect, you bookmark your musical favorites. Although it was educational to look at all these sites, I felt no compulsion to join any of them.

2. Either sign up for an account with one of the sites listed under "Sharing Musical Tastes" or create a song using JamStudio. I enjoyed playing around with JamStudio. I registered and created a few (so-called) songs. I'm sure this site gets better if you pay. As a free user, I only had access to 4 beat composition. Also, there were no 7 th chords such as G7. It was fun to try out all the different effects such as Clouds, Rocking Horse, Chimes and Bells. You could change the tempo and choose between piano or guitar, etc. I'll spend some more time on this site later on. If you made a song you really liked, you could even email it to friends.

3. Write a blog post about your discoveries. Most of these sites have appeal to younger generations than mine. However, I am glad to have the opportunity to explore them. It's good to know what's going on with young adults and twenty/thirty-somethings.

Photo by KAO: from Shattered Blue series

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