Friday, January 25, 2008

Terrific LOC Historic Photos on Flickr

Recently the Library of Congress uploaded more than 3000 historic photos to Flickr. Some are from the United States Farm Security Administration, others from the the Office of War Information.
The photo of the Coney Island Cakewalk above was taken sometime between 1910 and 1915, a bit before the time my mother, who grew up in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, would have gone to Coney for fun and recreation. Her mother was very young and still enjoyed riding the roller coaster, so she often took her very young daughter along. Mom did not really appreciate the roller coaster rides, but she did love playing in the ocean. Coney Island of days past really captures my imagination.

Looking at these wonderful photos on Flickr makes me nostalgic for an America I never knew. Every photo seems to have a story to tell. Indeed, the photos could be used as starting points for creative writing exercises. A multitude of poems and stories just waiting to be written... Meanwhile, the public is invited to tag the photos and make comments. There are already many comments and connections being made. People who remember picking potatoes in Maine or going to the Vermont State Fair, etc. What a terrific reminiscence project!

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