Saturday, November 3, 2007

Reading Sherman Alexie

HCPL has taken a short hiatus from the 23 Things training in order to catch up from a server outage. Staff will not start on the 20th Thing until November 12, 2007.

Customers are invited to learn the 23 Things. Go to the HCPL website to get started. You can go at your own pace. The customer rollout for iHCPL has been going on for 4 or 5 weeks already, but in the heady excitement of creating this blog, I forgot to mention this. No matter, you can start anytime! Also, I am offering a blog class at the library on Tuesday, November 6 @ 2PM.

What I'm reading: Ten Little Indians by Sherman Alexie. I have read these short stories before, but since we will be discussing them at the library's book discussion group on November 7, I am rereading them. One of the best things about being a book discussion facilitator is having an excuse to do research. I have been reading interviews with Alexie, articles he wrote, criticism, etc. He is the most outspoken, irreverent, humorous, thought provoking Native American writer I know of, with a very impressive list of creations in just about any media you can name. His first movie Smoke Signals won awards at Sundance Film Festival in 1998.

I'm a binge writer. I used to be a binge alcoholic. I've substituted writing for alcohol. Writing is everything. It takes stuff away. It's like being married. It's a high-maintenance relationship. You can't get lazy. I'm doing something around it every day--reading, writing, editing, thinking. I can be staring out the window, and I'm working real hard. - Sherman Alexie, Ploughshares, Winter 2000/2001, Volume 26, Issue 4.

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