Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Podcasts - Exercise 21

There's plenty I don't know about podcasts. So I enjoyed this exercise, which asked us to sample various podcast directories. I liked the best. Of the podcasts I sampled, the ones from the Texana Review were the most interesting: short, snappy tales of Texas history, writing and culture. I added Texana Review to my Bloglines account.

There were not as many library or book review podcasts out there as I thought I might find. That means there is plenty of potential for librarians to fill the void. I did enjoy listening to a librarian in Western Springs, Illinois read a children's story, "How Indian Corn Came to the World", as part of her library's "Click-A-Story" service. Her voice was warm, clear, and even-toned. She sounded so good, I found myself wondering if she had been professionally trained. It would be fun to read children's stories for podcasts. Count me in.

One more podcast recommendation: Poetry off the Shelf from NPR.

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