Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wiki Wiki World - Exercise 16

We immersed ourselves in Wikis for Exercise 16. I never really thought about it before, but whenever people get on amazon.com and post a customer review, they are using wiki functionality. I don't know how long ago Amazon started welcoming customer reviews, but they are now one of its (and other websites') greatest features. Members of the library book group often troll the Amazon reviews to get a consensus on how well received a book is. We've learned that often it is better to read the reviews after you've read the book, since other readers may unwittingly reveal key plot points.

I liked learning that "wiki" means fast in Hawaiian. Wikis are very collaborative. They have a circular feel to me, expanding as needed. (Thus the photo of the Houston Rodeo ferris wheels above; circles are my favorite symbols...) Back to Wikis: if you've ever worked on a long project involving many emails to and from committee members, wikis are highly recommended as an alternative. Everyone can see what's going on, and work together to construct whatever is on the collective plate. It's a wiki, wiki world!

I enjoyed posting favorite books and restaurants to our "sandbox" HCPL wiki. One of my favorite suspense authors is Laura Lippman. I've only read two of her stand-alone titles: What the Dead Know and Every Secret Thing . She also writes a series featuring detective Tess Monaghan which I've yet to explore. What I like about Lippman's writing besides the strong suspense, is her ability to make me believe in and care about her characters, sometimes even the person who commits the crime. I don't read suspense regularly, but every so often, nothing else will do.

Every novel should have a beginning, a muddle and an end.
- Peter De Vries

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