Monday, October 15, 2007

Tagging, a Tribal Thing - Exercise 13

When first came along, I thought I understood it. If you parked your favorite websites there, you could access them from any computer. But I was a creature of habit and somehow never made the switch. Therefore, I had sets of Favorites at home and work.

After playing around with it today, I took to it in a deeper way. If I tag my links on ( don't you love the way that new hybrid of the word "delicious" is pronounced???), I won't have to hunt for them in an alphabetical list. Now I have to figure out the easiest way to move my links over to and tag them.

I appreciate the concept of a "flat hierarchy", where everyone is free to contribute content. Through social bookmarking, we learn about sites others find valuable. It feels very tribal. What tribe? Perhaps the Tribe of the Infomaniacs.... Isn't it spooky (also appropriate) that ends in "us"?

Fall is here. Sort of. This being Houston, it takes awhile. The photo above was taken a couple of Novembers ago. I like to study nature's spontaneous compositions alongside the curbs as I walk in the morning.

What I'm reading: Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo. The characters are complex, the writing is superb, and the setting is one familiar to me, of upstate New York. Have you ever heard of french fries with gravy? They make an appearance in this book, and yes, people in upstate New York really do eat them that way.

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