Monday, October 8, 2007

Image Generators - Exercise 10

I made this poster on the FDToys site. In case you can't read the swirly script, here is what it says: "I think I'll go find some good books, movies and MP3 downloads @ the Library!"

There are all sorts of image generators out there! On the Image Generator site, you can find links for apps to make images that look like "Post-It" notes, support ribbons, banners, virtual flowers and all kinds of cool text effects. All of the sites I looked at were free, but there were also upgrades available if you were just dying to give the site some money. I really never knew there was so much out there. The number of text effects was mind-boggling. We can make all sorts of signs and things for the library!

Also, I tried the Meez avatar generator. I created a librarian, but getting her tastefully dressed would have cost $$$. It was fun playing with all the animation effects -- she sat at a big desk tapping her fingers, she read on a couch, she danced. She made us laugh! And I thought I was past the age for cartoons. I did not not upload the librarian avatar image to the blog. I will enjoy playing with avatars again, especially at home with friends and family.

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