Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Grazing Through the Feedlots - Exercise 9

Century plant, Houston

I did a quick comparison of websites for finding feeds about Reader's Advisory (librarian lingo for helping customers find books they will enjoy). Bloglines had the most matches (1,280). Technorati had 336 (including my own blog post from yesterday). Feedster had 156. Topix had 51, (and as an aside -- I liked their directory). Syndic8 had none. Then I compared these results to Google. Google found 281,000 sites which used that term.
Doing this RSS exercise semed akin to wandering through a bunch of "big box" stores -- alienating and overwhelming, and at the end of it, I had hardly anything to show for it. I did not find many blogs that I wanted to hold onto.

As for the feeds I subscribe to, I most enjoyed enjoyed reading the feeds from written by Jessamyn West, one of libaryland's MetaLibrarians. She has been trying out small town librarianship, something I can relate to since I work in a small library in a small city surrounded by the very large city of Houston.

One other fragment that seemed relevant to me as a new navigator in the blogosphere was a post I came across on Library Garden, about not posting because there are times when Life trumps blogging. Yes, I should hope so.And the century plant? I've learned that it really blooms about every 25 years, not every hundred as is the legend. Where will the internet and blogosphere be in 25 or 100 years?

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