Friday, October 12, 2007

Elves in the Library - Exercise 12

In The Innocence of Father Brown, G K Chesterton wrote of childhood as the "elfin and adventurous time when tall weeds close over us like woods". In the above photo, I am one of the elves onstage for a school play, "The Elves and the Shoemaker", circa 1958. Today we have something known as Library Elf!

Library Elf helps you remember to return books and AV to various libraries (what I call underdue notices). Library Elf also lets you know if items you have reserved are ready for pickup. Since we already have these services built into our Horizon software @ HCPL, I don't really need a Library Elf account. But I signed up for it since it is Thing # 12 of our 23 Things. I'll see what it is like to hear from the Library Elf. Usually I am able to keep up with my account since I have the honor of working in this Candyland for Book Lovers called the Public Library.

Other kinds of library elves: our volunteers! These kindhearted elves join forces with us to keep the books shelved, price donated books, manage the Friends of the Library funds, and man the cigar box at book sales. Good elves are truly a treasure.

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