Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lemonade for Libraries - Exercise 7

Lemonaders, 2007

For two summers in a row, the community has rallied support for the library by sponsoring lemonade stand contests. Prizes are given for the most successful stand and the most creative stand. Children sell the lemonade and other goodies, and are proud to turn in their horde of change and dollars to Friends of the Library. Last summer we used Lemonade funds to buy fun furnishings for the children's room. Very all-American. We are proud of our Lemonaders!

For Exercise 7, I edited this photo on the Snipshot website. Truth be told, it didn't need a whole lot of fixing up. But I did fool around with all the "Specialfx" on a few other photos. Tried the Clouds effect, Labyrinth effect and some others -- they did not enhance these particular photos, but I am glad to know these tools exist should I need them.

Fooling around with Pixer ( was fun, too. Picnik ( required Adobe Flash Player 9, which was not readily available for downloading on my PC today, so I never got to try that one. I have used various photo editing programs enough in the past and can usually figure out the basics. If not, I just ask the young people on staff -- quite often they know how to do the latest things.

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